Laser engraving machine structure and working prin

1, Structure: laser engraving machine: including lasers, and the output optical path of the gas nozzle, said gas nozzle at one end of the window, the other end and the laser optical path coaxial nozzle, gas nozzle connected to the side of the trachea, especially said trachea with air or oxygen source connected to said source of air or oxygen pressure 0.1 ~ 0.3MPa, said the wall is a cylindrical nozzle, the diameter of 1.2 ~ 3mm, length 1 8mm; described oxygen source of oxygen for 60% of its total volume, referred to in lasers and optical path between the gas nozzle equipped with a mirror. It can improve the efficiency of sculpture, so that was carved on surface smooth, round, rapidly reducing the non-metallic materials are carved the temperature, reduce the material to be carved within the deformation and stress; can be widely used for various non-metallic materials finely carved areas.

2, laser engraving machine works

1) lattice sculpture sculpture resembles a high-resolution dot matrix dot matrix printer. Laser head from side to side, each carving out a series of points from the line formed, and then the laser moves up and down while carving out a number of lines, and finally full-page image or text. Scan graphics, text and vector graphics using the lattice can be carved.

lattice vector cutting and engraving different vector graphic cutting is carried out on the outer contour. We usually use this model in wood, Kerouac grain, paper and other materials to penetrate the cut surface can also be conducted at a variety of marking operations.

3) Engraving speed: engraving speed refers to the speed of laser head movement, usually IPS (inches / sec) that bring high-speed productivity. Speed is also used to control the cutting depth, for a particular laser intensity, the slower the speed, depth of cutting or carving the greater. You can adjust the speed using engraving machine panel, the computer can also be used to adjust the print driver. 1% to 100% of the range of adjustment is 1%. Hummer machine advanced motion control system can make your high-speed carving, still get the quality of ultra-fine engraving.

4) sculpture strength: carving strength that shines on the surface of the laser intensity. Rate for a particular sculpture, the greater the intensity, depth of cutting or carving the greater. You can adjust intensity of use of engraving machine panels can also use the computers printer driver to adjust. 1% to 100% of the range of adjustment is 1%. The greater the intensity equal to the greater speed. Depth of cut deeper.

5) Spot Size: laser beam spot size can be used to adjust the lens of different focal lengths. Small spot lens for high-resolution sculpture. Great spot for the low-resolution lens engraving, but for vector cutting, it is the best option. The new equipment standard is 2.0 inch lens. The spot size in the middle for various occasions.

6) Carving materials: wood, glass, metal, glass, stone, quartz, Corian, paper, color plates, aluminum, leather, resin, spray metal.

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